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ICU Business Consulting Ltd.
our message to you:
We say thank you!
Together we have achieved great things - it is time,
to say THANK YOU.
Our mission is to:
Make Success Global!
To achieve our goals, we rely on one key element: Excellence! We place great importance on ensuring that our customers feel understood and acknowledged, and experience our high-quality standards at every stage of collaboration. Your feedback is crucial in meeting this standard!
For us, excellence means
always striving to exceed our customers' expectations, driving innovation, supporting our employees, and acting in a sustainable and globally connected way.
Global networking
We promote global communication and collaboration to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
Customer satisfaction
We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of quality, service and value.
We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to meet the needs of customers and the market.

Dear Mr. Schober,

We would like to thank you again for the great cooperation - together we can contribute to the fact that the effectiveness of the advisory board of the AOK Bavaria is really unfolded!

We appreciate the cooperation on eye level, the impressive creative impulses of your team as well as your personal hiking tips, which gave us a special pleasure. Thank you very much for all of this!

We would be very pleased to receive your feedback.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we would like to offer you free, individual training.

The learning module "Psychological Safety and Feedback" offers you and your team valuable insights to promote a positive working atmosphere and learn how to deal constructively with mistakes.

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1: Very dissatisfied - The result did not meet expectations at all.

10: Completely satisfied - The result has exceeded all expectations.
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We would very much like to go into a short retro together with you and look back on how the project was received in your company. Would you like to accept this offer?
Thank you very much
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  • Julia Bindrich
    Managing Director
    ICU Business Consulting
  • Jacqueline Leppelt
    Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
  • Samantha Bischof
    Head of Digital Learning
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